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Recommend and win

If you have a business in mind that needs a touch-up, lifting or even a brand new website, send us your recommendation and we will get your details in a draw which will take place at the end of September 2021 with a chance to win a brand new website worth €800.

Recommend a business that needs a lift
(or a brand new website)

Have you seen a site you think:

Could do with a slight refurbishment, a lift, some modernising or even brought to this century?
Well, do them a favour and recommend them to us. We will evaluate their site and give them a fair assessment based on their business needs.

knowledge & experience

We have more than 20 years experience, even before the web was the sensation that it is today and we understand your business and its needs.

we understand your niche

Whether you want to create an online selling presence and you're unsure how to, we've got you covered. We'll sit with you and discuss your goals and together come up with a solution that benefits you.

Steps to how we work


Strategy & Research

We will sit with you and examine your requirements and through the constant refinement of your ideas, start preparing your content.


Design & Development

Once we have established the content and your general branding guidelines, we will proceed with an initial layout and refine it according to your requirements.


Marketing & Target

After the design and development of your website, it's time to get it out there.
We can guide you through the jungle that is the web today and get you closer to your targets.

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Call now: 22 410085

We have received praises from our customers and vendors on how good our site looks and feels. It's been an almost flawless collaboration and we couldn't recommend these guys enough.

Michael Andreou Owner/Director - TechVest Systems

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